Neck Pain

Is your neck sore?

Does it hurt when you turn your head?

Does your neck feel stiff and restricted?

Do you get headaches?

Neck pain can simply feel like stiffness making turning the head difficult, but it can also be aching pain, stabbing pain, soreness or tender to touch. In some cases, the pain will spread out to the shoulders and arms or up into the head. It can be accompanied by tingling, numbness, or weakness and even in some cases difficulty with balance and coordination.

Our Chiropractors are dedicated to getting you the best results possible. We have helped many people in the past get great results in recovering from the symptoms above.  At your initial appointment they will perform a thorough examination and give you a recommendation for care.  In some cases, depending on the cause for your neck pain, there may be more effective treatments available or further investigations may be needed, your chiropractor will make onward referrals if necessary.


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