Back Pain

Have you got a bad back?

Does it prevent you from doing basic day to day things?

Have you stopped doing activities you enjoy because of your pain, such as gardening, playing golf or picking up your children or grandchildren? Do you have trouble walking, sleeping, sitting or doing things that most of us take for granted? Is your back pain mild but constant, or are you in total agony when your back goes and you can barely move?

You are not alone ….there is hope!

We are here to help you get your freedom back.

Our Chiropractors specialise in getting to the root of the problem allowing us to offer the best recommendations to get you reaching your goals as fast as possible. They do this by utilising a combination of soft tissue work, chiropractic adjustments, home exercise, supportive advice and more. Our Chiropractors can help reduce spinal joint restriction, nerve irritation and muscle tension allowing you to move better and ultimately feel better.

At Align Spinal Health it is our mission to provide effective, lasting, back pain treatment and relief. We strive to help people like you become more active, free from pain killers, with a great quality of life without back pain holding you back!


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